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You are always looking for the trendiest new items. Whether it has a Western flare or shows off your Colorado pride, you’ll find unique pieces in Golden’s shops that will spark new conversations in your home. Golden’s quaint stores offer a pleasant experience within intimate settings allowing you to find the next item to decorate with.

Earth Sweet Botanicals’ focus is on all things aromatic – from essential oils and herbs, to flowers and candles. They also carry a line of home and garden decor. From the moment you walk into their store, a wave of beautiful scents washes over you and invites you to discover where they are coming…

Blue Moose Trading Co. invites you in with an open door and some fun decor! They offer rustic and unique merchandise that is tailored for the Golden lover. Stop in to find a new wall hanging or to buy a gift for your friend’s housewarming party! It’s a guarantee you will walk out with something. Red…

Goldenites, including our business owners, love the ability to serve the needs of our guests. On your next trip out to Golden, whether as a part of an outdoor excursion or you’re visiting the Coors Brewery, be sure to stop by our shops! We promise you’ll return home with an alluring find.

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